A revisited Tuscan cuisine where tradition and technique come together to give guests an authentic experience of the gastronomic heritage of this land, using local products and especially vegetables and herbs from our garden.

Simplicity, freshness and respect for the products are staples of our cuisine – a cuisine that aims to rediscover the values and flavours of the past.


We lovingly cultivate our organic garden every day, tending to rows of seasonal vegetables and wild berries as well as herbs and spices (like hot pepper). Divided by small walkways, the garden is a place where the aromas, flavors, and colors of our produce blend with those of the flowers. The garden is harmoniously integrated into the property and is surrounded by our fruit trees: the famous Badia apples, figs, and cherries – and don’t forget the seasonal chestnuts and mushrooms that the forest around Pomaio gives us.


At Badia di Pomaio you will experience a natural and uncontaminated environment where modern noises are nonexistent, a place where you’ll hear only the singing of the birds and the rustling of the branches in the breeze.

It is no coincidence that Sleeping Beauty slept in the woods: living in nature is the best way to sleep long and peacefully in the silence of the night. The peace of the forest is something priceless. Waking up is pleasant at Badia di Pomaio, and breakfast starts the day with natural, organic products.


The paths around Badia, the woods, and the rolling hills in Pomaio offer a wide range of possibilities for lovers of jogging, cycling, Nordic walking, and hiking. Our resort is the perfect setting to try a rich variety of physical activities while exploring the surroundings.


We host our bees, symbol of a healthy and immaculate environment, in a series of small, colorful houses in the middle of a forest of chestnut trees along a small river of clear, fresh water. This magic combination creates a unique chestnut honey, another delicacy ready to be discovered at Badia di Pomaio.
Not only can guests taste the organic product of our bees, but they can also assist in the various stages of its production during the year, a unique and exciting experience to remember for years to come.

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